Warning to Poachers

Warning to Poachers

Poachers are a bane in any Fishing Clubs life.

Entwistle is no exception.

They think it would be ok to try my luck at catching these fish.

Wrong :

Two Reasons.

Firstly :Entwistle is leased from United Utilities. We pay United Utilities to be allowed to fish in Enwistle under certain conditions and Bye Laws. To that end you must be a member of Entwistle Fly Fishers or have a day permit .

Secondly: you must have purchased a rod license form the

Environment Agency to allow you to fish with a rod and line for coarse and Trout.

The answer to the first is buy a day permit and or a full membership

The Answer to the second is buy and annual,Weekly or day rod license from the Environment /Agency or your ,local Post Office to allow you legally to fish with a rod and Line.It is against the law to fish with no license and Environment Agency Enforcement Officers have the power to impound vehicles,seize equipment and charge you with fishing illegally.

Fines of up to £2000 for infringment.

Our Club Bailiff and members have the right to ask you for your permit.

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