Ultimate Guide to Trout Angling

Ultimate Guide to Trout Angling

Fly Fishing on Entwistle

The history of angling is written down for all to see.

Trout angling in rivers,lake and reservoirs being this sites main concern.

Entwistle Reservoir is my local fishery,run by local anglers for the benefit of local people.

The club offers membership and Day permits to those who want to try our great sport of Fly Fishing.

It is my object in life to introduce and encourage as many people to our great sport as possible.

Rainbow from Entwistle

The ultimate guide to angling a big statement.

The aim is to help all visitors to the site access a comprehensive gathering of information about Trout Fly Fishing.

Articles,videos and links to Fly fishing information is the ultimate aim.

To correlate as much info as possible to help everybody.

I have fished all over the Uk and Ireland.

Fishermen i meet have lots in common.

A passion for the sport a love of the outdoors and an empathy with all fellow fishermen.

They give their time and expertise gladly to those who ask.

Their enthusiasm for the sport at all levels never dims.

I count myself in their mold and hopefully i can continue to participate in this great sport .

Tight Lines

To all Entwistle Fishermen and all our compatriots throughout the land.

The fisherman prayer:

I wish that I,

Could catch a fish so big,

That even I,

When talking of it afterwards,

Have no Need to Lie.

Covid 19 update

Hand tied Flies for sale on this site. See FILES FOR SALE POST