The Ultimate Guide To Fly Fishing Tackle

The Ultimate Guide To Fly Fishing Tackle

I hope the information you seek, is here, within the confines of this blog.

I have attempted to cover all aspects of basic angling tackle you will need get you going. Some links to various dealers. who I have had the pleasure of buying from

This is an unbiased attempt to genuinely help the beginner get a leg up into the grand faculty of trout fly fishermen. 

It can be hard to garner any information, sorry to say asking some dealers will,as they say have your” breeks Aff”.

I’m no way shape or form connected to, or work for, any dealers.

I only want to pass on what i have learned over 60 years man and boy as is often said.

The Author a sunny morning Entwistle

Entwistle Fly Fishers ,a grand old Northwest angling club with a bunch of old guys trying to keep it alive and kicking, feel free to  browse the site ,get  the info, and maybe just maybe I will meet you on the bank in the new season ,Tight Lines

Bob Docherty

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