Merebeck near Southport

Merebeck near Southport

Visited Merebeck Nr Southport 19/11/19.

Arrived 8am very frosty. Setup two rods both floating lines with wool style indicators lime green.

Rod One

Tail Fly Gold Headed Blood worm buzzer set at 4 ft deep. Dropper black epoxy buzzer set at 2 ft.

Rod Two

Tail fly, my own tying called a fire fly set at 18 inches.

9 am till 11 am
Started with rod one ,fishing the top lake across from the first hut..
Working the rig on the drift.
Had one fish.

11 am till 1 pm
Switch to rod two.
Fish showing at the tail of the large lake. Took 4 fish with the Fire Fly.
Lost 2.

Continued to move between the tail of the large lake.
Switching to the tail of the pool at the end of the duck boards.Lost 2 more fish.
Ended with 8 in total.
Fair days fishing but very cold.

30th December

One rod setup.

Floating line indicator and single fly.

Size 10 PTN.

Fished at 5 ft initially.

Took one fish around 4lb.

Some fish started to dimple the water showing them to be high in the water.

Switched depth to 2ft caught 5 fish quickly. Searched fishery for pods of dimpling fish. Caught a further 3 fish.

Good Days fishing.

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