Barnsfold Fishery

Visited Barnsford Sunday 24th November .

Arrived 8 am.Maybe a mistake as will become evident during the report.

Setup Two Rods

Rod One: floating line

Indicator Rig

Tail fly set at 7ft Bloddworm

Top Dropper at 2ft Pheasant Tail nymph

9 to 1030 am no fish .

Rod Two floating line.

15ft leader

Tungsten head Nymph.

Fished a varying depths.

First Session

9 to 1015 am couple of shows of interest but no positive takes

Around 1045 fish started to show,a small hatch of tiny black buzzers.

1050 to 1215 5 fish ,lost 3

2 on Pheasant tail 3 on bloodworm.

On the Indicator rig .

The activity died down and i decided to move to the other lake.

Switched between the two rods.

Wind dropped lake went flat calm

Took no more fish.

Not a bad winters day.

December 22nd

A last visit to Barnsfold before the Newyear

Two rod setup

One rod floating line 14 ft leader dropper ptn, tail fly Walkers Nymph

One intermediate 12ft leader single lure blue flash damsel.

5 fish all taken on the Walkers nymph under an indicator set at 8ft.

Cold day but not much wind.

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